Enchanted Polish

I belong to an amazing community of women… most of whom I haven’t even met. I chat with them daily on a Facebook group for Canadian ladies who love beauty! We keep each other up to date on everything… including Enchanted Polish restocks. 

Now, if you’re an EP newbie like me, you might not realize what this means. These restocks last minutes before they sell out, and if you miss it you’ll be waiting a few months for your next chance. These polishes sell out that fast for a reason. They are gorgeous. Gorgeous. 

During the restock, I was lucky enough to grab 3 polishes. Two for myself, and one for another Facebook friend! Today, I’m sharing Ciao Milano. It’s a glitter in a clear base, so I wore it over two coats of OPI’s Siberian Nights. 

Ciao Milano is a multi-chrome glitter… the two predominate colours it shifts between being tealy-green and purple. But there are also pinks, greens, reds and even orange in there! It was so difficult to capture all the colours, but I tried my best. Also, notice the seeming tip-wear. It’s really shrinkage from Seche Vite. I am so breaking up with Seche. 

Enough talking. Picture time! 






See? Gorgeous! 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish

  1. Awesome! Want, want, want it, too.
    Re top coat: A couple of weeks ago I bought ‘Cutex quick dry top coat’ and it has become my favourite quick dry top coat so far. It’s a cheapie but also a goodie.

      • Cutex is a Coty brand. Good quality. Similar to Astor and Rimmel. Over here in the UK I find stuff like this at discount stores. 😉 Essie is quite expensive here but I’ll see if I can find a good deal on this top coat. A woman can never have enough quick-dry top coats…

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