Skittles Mani!

It’s not often I do full skittles. I do accent nails or glittery topcoats, but rarely a full skittle mani. Yesterday I pulled out all my untried polishes and thought ‘I will NEVER get through these! How can I speed this up?’ Besides changing my polish every hour… skittles!

I picked 5 shades that seemed to go together well, and mixed up the finishes and textures.

From left to right:

Essie Bond With Whomever
Essie Beyond Cozy
Essie Nothing Else Metals
OPI Liquid Sand in Pussy Galore
and Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk


And how it looked on my fingers:


Pinky: Three coats of Bond With Whomever. Ring: Two coats of Beyond Cozy. Middle: One thick coat of Nothing Else Metals. This one caused me all kinds of problems when trying to do thin coats. It would dry quickly, then clump up… causing bald spots and a bumpy finish. Finally, I said I would give it one more try before switching it. I did one thick coat and it was perfect. Phew. Pointer: Three coats of Liquid Sand Pussy Galore (no topcoat) and my thumb: three coats of Rainbow Honey’s Sweet Talk!



Bonus: Marlo enjoyed that I pulled out my unused polishes. They must be comfy?


What’s your favourite skittle combo?



7 thoughts on “Skittles Mani!

  1. I haven’t tried a Skittles manicure yet, but what a great idea! Oh, and I think Mario needs some kisses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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