Hard Candy cocoa smore

A while back, Hard Candy re-launched their nail polish line at Walmart. They held a facebook contest to go along with this launch, and a few lucky  ladies won their entire collection. My Mom happened to be one of these ladies!!! She actually won 54 nail polishes!!! It was like Christmas x 10. She let me pick out my top 10… which then got expanded to 13, as the next few times I visited she would hand me another polish.

She gave away a whole bunch of them, and kept 8-10 for herself. WAY more generous than I would have been with nail polish 😉

I love this line from their polishes, it’s called the Candy Sparkle collection. I actually ended up with 5 from this collection!

Here’s Cocoa Smore, a nice greige-y base with black and silver sparkles. It’s sheer, so I used 3 coats and a topcoat. The sheerness lets you see the different layers of sparkles, which makes it look really cool! The price is nice at about $4 a bottle. The only thing I don’t like is the design of the bottle. I always feel like I’m going to tip it over when I’m wiping the brush off.



And just for fun, here’s her winning prize all lined up, before she gave any away!

Have you tried any Hard Candy polishes yet?


7 thoughts on “Hard Candy cocoa smore

  1. Woah, that’s a crazy amount of polish! This one is really neat, what a fun win and that box must have been like Christmas!!!


  2. OMG, that prize is unbelievable. And your mom is DEF not a polish hoarder like me… So generous!
    I think this polish is brilliant, very original, love the nude base, almost looks like a jelly sandwich.

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