I’m back! Wing Dust – Crazy On You

Hola! I’m back from vacation!! I had a lovely two weeks touring around Paris, London and the Southern part of Ireland. It was tiring and amazing all at once. My boyfriend and I have never taken a proper vacation together, and after over 7 years together we figured it was well overdue!

I chopped my nails down to nubbins while on vacation. All the travel and long days was horrible for my nails and cuticles. I actually had to buy a pair of nail clippers in London because my nails were so long I knew it would take forever to file them like I normally do.

I hauled a bunch of polishes from Boots – the drugstore they have over there and I can’t wait to share them with you once I’ve unpacked everything!! Today though, I’m sharing Wing Dust’s Crazy On You. This is a beauty indie polish… a brand I’d actually never heard of until a friend was offering it up for swap! I LOVE it though!

The base is a smokey blue/grey with fuchsia, teal and baby blue hex glitter in different sizes. This is three coats with topcoats. Please excuse my cuticles!!! I’ll be baby-ing them with cuticle oil for the next few days to heal them back.


ImageHave you tried any Wing Dust polish?


2 thoughts on “I’m back! Wing Dust – Crazy On You

  1. This is so pretty! I have not tried this brand before but I love the depth of the polish, it’s so gorgeous. It sounds like an amazing vacation! I am hoping that someday my BF and I can head to Ireland, haha maybe in time for our 7 years as well 😛 (That’s in 2.5 years!)

    • Thanks, Zoë! Our vacation was super exhausting, we were visiting family and friends in England and we were all over the place… next time, we want to go somewhere just to relax! And I’m definitely not waiting another 7 years for that 😉

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