Model’s Own – Hayley’s Comet

Here’s the first of the beauty haul I brought back from my travels! Model’s Own is available in Canada… but as far as I know it’s only online. The price point is similar to what I paid in England, so I will probably just order online from now on. However, I wanted to see them in person and test them out before ordering any online!

Guess what? I love them! The Beetlejuice collection that this polish is from is SO, so pretty! Hayley’s Comet is not a colour I would normally pick for myself… In some light, it looks like a slightly shimmery taupe. But it’s the multi-chrome that is amazing. It shifts orangey/red and has a blue-green flash. So pretty. The other polishes in this line are super pretty too, and I will have them for swatch soon.



You can really see the blue flash in the bottle here. Image

And a horrible indoor shot to show the redness. 


Will you be checking out any Model’s Own polishes? In Canada, you can get them online at


3 thoughts on “Model’s Own – Hayley’s Comet

  1. very interesting that the price point is similar, i’ll keep that in mind if I want to buy some. the shift in this is pretty but i have realized i am just not really a duochrome person!

  2. I think these polishes were 5GBP each, which is $8.05 Canadian… and they are $8 on NPC. Boots (the drugstore there) was having a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ sale though, so I did save a bit that way.

    And I am so surprised, because duochromes and holos are seriously my favourite thing ever!!

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