Butter London – Giddy Kipper

Another Butter London today. I actually got my first Butter London polish not too long ago. What was I waiting for? They make beautiful polishes. Giddy Kipper is no different. The blue is just so amazing. It’s a dusty blue… almost a periwinkle colour! In the bottle you can see some silver shimmer… it doesn’t really show on the nail, but just adds some depth to the polish. 

Judge for yourself! 


Shade shot: 



In this picture, you can see the silver shimmer in the bottle. ImageWhat do you think of Giddy Kipper? 


5 thoughts on “Butter London – Giddy Kipper

  1. I like GK, but I’m not sure it’s unique enough for me to want to pay the BL price! I have 2 BLs on their way to me and they are both glittery goodness, can’t wait to try them out! I really like how this looks in the shade, but I’m not a huge fan of shimmer 🙂

    • You can’t really see the shimmer on the nail, but I get what you mean about uniqueness…. but I don’t think I have a colour like this in my own collection!

      I actually traded for this… so it worked out pretty well! 😀

  2. It’s a very subtle shimmer on the nail. I really like that. I’m thinking I’m going to venture out into Butter London polishes soon. I’ve fallen in love with their Nail Foundation base coat and Hardwear top coat!

  3. Inside it looks navy blue on me. Almost like a dusty slate blue. Looks totally different inside than outside in my opinion. At least on my skin tone. I really love it.

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