Coach Nail Polish!

Today I have a set of 4 nail polishes that came as a holiday gift with purchase back in 2009. I actually bought these off a friend who had them in her collection. The polishes don’t have any names, but come in cute mini bottles with the Coach logo on the front.

Please excuse all the random cat furs in the pictures! Lesson learned: don’t pet the cats midway through swatching!

First up is the gold colour. It was a bit sheer, so I used 3 coats and a topcoat.


Next is the hot pink colour. It wasn’t as sheer as the gold, but still very shiny. 

coach hot pink 1

I really liked this colour a lot! It’s the perfect Barbie pink.

Next up is a purple colour. I really liked this one as well. It’s probably my second favourite in the set. I love that it’s a deep, rich purple… but definitely still purple.


And lastly, my favourite of the bunch. A light baby pink which applied beautifully. Three coats to even out a bit of streaking that is common with pastels. Unfortunately the sun was setting as I got to this colour, so my ‘sun’ picture is not that sunny. Sorry!


Have you ever managed to snag any Coach nail polishes? I’ve also seen them as gift with purchase at Sephora when you buy a Coach perfume. Happy hunting.


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