Enchanted Polish – Mean Mr Mustard

Hola, chicas! 😉

Here’s an Enchanted Polish colour I grabbed recently – Mean Mr. Mustard. I think MMM doesn’t get much love, because it’s an unusual green/mustard/teal multichrome with some scatter holo glitter. I grabbed this at the Nail Polish Canada restock… I got my first order of Water for Unicorns, Stay Classy San Diego, Kids for myself and Ciao Milano for a friend. After I checked out, I looked again and MMM was still available, so I grabbed it. I was unsure if I would love it – but I thought I might as well give it a go… worst case scenario, I could possibly find someone to swap with for something else!

Well, I do love it! It’s one of those ‘ugly-pretty’ colours. The mustard is kind of strange and unusual, but I like that!

This is two coats of MMM with one coat of Djinn in a Bottle on top – you’ll see it looks more holographic than other swatches because of that! 🙂 I think it’s a great combo.

Prepare for picture overload! I really wanted to capture all the colour shifts.











How do you feel about Mean Mr Mustard?



6 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish – Mean Mr Mustard

  1. I ended up swapping mine before I swatched it because I was afraid i wouldn’t find a home for it otherwise but it is pretty! I just also grabbed hey jude and they look quite similar to me. great photos though!

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