Enchanted Polish – Future Reflections

Hey lovelies! Back again with another Enchanted Polish. They are worth the trouble of going through crazy restocks, because they are so beautiful! Future Reflections is from the Time to Pretend collection… it’s a duochrome holo, which is beautiful. As usual, the formula was great. This is 3 coats and topcoat, but I only did 2 coats on my right hand and it was just as good.

There is some tipwear, because I took these pictures after wearing it for a full day… and I do teach kindergarten, so my day involves squishing playdough, tying shoelaces (AGAIN!?), opening 19348034 snack containers, and washing my own hands as much as possible to avoid germs!

I did bring down the length on my nails a lot, because I was getting afraid of scratching the kiddos accidentally. This is much safer!

Now, for spamming you with the beautiful polish! 🙂 Enjoy!








Gorgeous! : )


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