Holographic Juleps – Ginger and Rebel

Here are two holographic polishes from Julep. Ginger is a nude holo, which is more of a scattered holo than linear. Rebel is the silver polish, which is more linear. To be honest, I thought both were more of subtle holos compared to so many other holographic polishes that are out right now. They are pretty though, and the formula is great.

Both are two coats of polish with topcoat. They both dry quickly but matte, so topcoat was necessary. With Ginger, you can see the topcoat pulled at the polish on my ring finger, creating a bald spot! I would wait until the polish was really dry before adding topcoat to avoid this.

First up, Ginger.




See the bald spot? Boo.
And a video to see it sparkle.

Next is Rebel. Two coats with topcoat.



And a video of Rebel:

What do you think of these two? I still am not the biggest Julep fan, because the bottle is just too small for the price. 


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