Halloween Mani!

It’s getting close to  that time of year! I’ve seen so many amazing Halloween nail art manis… but I am not talented in that department! Luckily, there are a few ways to have a cute Halloween mani with a little ‘cheating’. 

I actually picked these up last year on clearance… so I think they have dried out and caused me a few problems with tearing. I have used these before and never had that issue. They still work and stick, but need to applied a bit more carefully! 

This is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in the Ghoulie Girl print. I like these because they aren’t stickers, but actual nail polish, so they stick really well and remove with just nail polish remover… so no damage to your nails. 


Here’s what comes in the kit. Image

 Each strip has three layers, the bottom backing, the polish and a top plastic. I peel all three apart before applying, although that’s not quite how the instructions say to do it. 



My one complaint is that the sizes don’t fit my nails well. There aren’t enough big sizes to cover my nails. You can see how this didn’t cover my whole nail. It’s also a bit wrinkled from the application problems I had. 



And this one was too big… but I actually prefer them too big, as you can use the nail stick to break off the parts that overlap onto the cuticle. 



Finally, I used Sally Hansen White On (two coats), and Hard Candy’s Sugar Rush (one coat) on my other nails to finish the mani. 



Phew. What do you think of this mani? What are you doing for your Halloween nails!? 


3 thoughts on “Halloween Mani!

  1. This is so cute! I love those little pac man ghosts and the glitter is gorgeous. I did 2 halloween manis and the second had ghosts but I didn’t manage any photos of it, the first is on my blog with pumpkins. I’m going to try to do more themed manis in the future, it was a lot of fun. I still can’t do nail art really but it was fun trying anyway 🙂

    • I have a few other Halloween patterns from the Sally Hansen strips that I got on clearance last year! They are such an easy way to have themed manis and I like that they don’t need any dry time! 🙂 I’m going to check out your pumpkins!

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