Essence – Miss Universe

The best thing about Essence polishes? They’re only $2! 

The worst thing? The brush is hard to work with… it’s wide and uneven. 

They don’t have a huge range of colours, but I picked this one up because it looked interesting. I probably won’t be picking up too many more, because they aren’t really unique or that interesting really. They have a few pretty ones, but with the brush being so uneven, I’d rather stick to something I know will work well. 

I guess you get what you pay for. 

This is two coats with topcoat. 



2 thoughts on “Essence – Miss Universe

  1. I’m so surprised about your negative experience with Essence. I love them because they are so darn cheap and I’ve never picked up one with a bad formula… I love how easy the brush is to work with! What do you mean by your brush was uneven? True, they are not the most unique colors but for the price when you need basic cremes and jellies, I can’t complain.

    • I think my brush wasn’t cut properly… it was round on one side, but not the other and the bristles were not all the sam length. Plus, I found the brush just too thick overall.

      They are cheap and I think they would be great for someone with a smaller polish collection! I think I probably already have all the basic cremes and jellies I need though…. (I say that like I won’t get more! hahahahaha).

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