Urban Decay – Black Market Pencil Set

Something different today. I picked up Urban Decay’s Black Market pencil set during the Sephora VIB sale. It comes with 6 travel sized 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils. But the size of them is great…  0.03g vs 0.04g for regular size! One regular sized liner will set you back $23 (Canadian), but the Black Market set was just $42! Plus, since I picked it up during the VIB sale, I saved 20% on it.

I love UD’s liners, they glide on smoothly and last all day. They are creamy and you can blend them if you work quickly.

The set comes in a cardboard box. It’s difficult to get them out of the box, so you can see how my box is looking damaged after I pried them out.


Notice the gap on my Apathy liner? I’ll talk about that a bit more later.


ImageWest, Desperation, Black Market, Riot, Apathy, Ink

So, I realized I now have 4 different black liners from Urban Decay, so why not compare them all? (Who needs 4 black liners? No one! But who wants 4 black liners!? This girl).


Black Market, Oil Slick, Zero, Perversion

Perversion is definitely the blackest, and I also think it’s the creamiest. It just glides on so easily. However, whenever I try to wear it on my waterline my eyes water like nobody’s business. I have never had that problem with Zero, so it must be something in the formula that causes it! Oh, well. Zero is great on the waterline as well. Oil Slick has a great silver glitter in it!

Now, my Apathy pencil. I’m so upset!! The first time I tried to use it, I touched my eyelid and immediately this happened:

ImageArgh! I had to sharpen it a lot to get down to the product again. Look how much shorter it got just in my first use!

ImageRealistically, there is still a lot of product left… but it’s just so disappointing when you go to use something for the first time and it doesn’t work properly!! I love UD’s liners… I have about 14 of them, but this just bites!

Are you going to pick up this set? How many black eyeliners do you have… (these are only my black UD’s! I have a bunch more other brands and formulas… gels, liquid, pen, etc, etc…)

I’ve contacted UD about the Apathy liner, so I’ll update you if they respond to me!


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