Nailtini – Champagne

I got this in my latest Ipsy bag! The polish is nice… it applies evenly with 2 coats, has a nice shimmer to it and the brush is nice as well. It’s just not exactly my favourite colour! Really pretty though.



Blurred to show the shimmer.


Here’s a video swatch. And yes, that’s my cat hanging out in the background.

Here’s everything I got in my ipsy this month! Pretty nice. I’ve tried the mascara and it’s nice. Other than that, I haven’t gotten to try anything else yet.


Do you subscribe to ipsy? It’s only $10 a month ($15 in Canada)!! Amazing price for all that we received this month. Here’s my referral link if you’re interested in trying it out.


2 thoughts on “Nailtini – Champagne

    • I haven’t tried the lip crayon yet, but that surprises me! It doesn’t look 80s frosty at all! I wonder if it would work with a gloss on top?

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