Coco + lulu by Cake

Cake beauty is a lovely brand. I already know I love their lotions and scrubs a lot. Then, they came out with a more affordable line, Be Delectable which sells at Target. I obviously tried it out right away… and loved it. Then, they launched a makeup line called Coco + lulu. I’ve seen lip glosses and nail polishes so far. I picked up a few polishes at Indigo recently… they were on clearance for $5. I hope this means they are coming out with new colours, not that they are dropping the line altogether!

Here are two that I picked up.

Eiffel Tower was almost a 1 coater, but needed a second coat just to even it all out.



Fleur de Lys was a bit thinner, so I used three coats here. It also photographed a bit more blue than in real life. It has a slight blurple tint to it.


Overall, I do like the polishes. The formula is good, and the price was right. I do wish they would come out with a few more unique colours in the next collection though. There were a lot of plain cremes that I didn’t grab because I felt they would be dupes to what I already have. What do you think? Will you grab any Coco + lulu polishes?


4 thoughts on “Coco + lulu by Cake

    • Yup, in the post I said that’s where I got mine! Marked down for $5 and I got them on a buy 3 get the 4th free day (although I got some other items too)… The Be Delectable line is at Target (the lotions and body washes/scrubs). Coco + lulu is at Indigo! 😀

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