Sally Hansen – Cheery On Top

Ugh. I have been battling illness for over a week… so today on my third trip to the doctor, I decided to treat myself at the pharmacy while waiting on my prescription. Here’s what I picked up… essence shimmer powder in SWAAAAG (from the Justin Bieber collection), Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Coral Crave, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Overcoat (phew)… in Cheery On Top.


They had a bunch of different glitter topcoats in interesting colour combinations. I was tempted by a few, so I may go back if there is a sale. I grabbed this one because it reminded me of a favourite pair of shoes I had as a kid. I think they were L.A.Gear, but I remember they were white high tops, with pink, purple and teal accents. That colour combination really gets me! Those are the three colours in Cheery On Top, so of course I had to grab it.

It has hex glitter in those three colours, plus tiny purple glitter as well. I used one coat, but kind of dabbed the glitter on in places to even it out. I wasn’t sure what colour to use it over, so I tested it out over 4 Essies!

Mint Candy Apple, Mink Muffs, Bond With Whomever and Go Overboard.



 I think my favourite was over Bond With Whomever. What do you like best?


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