EOTD Urban Decay Naked 2

Okay, confession: I own 5 Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. Hey, don’t fix what’s not broken, right? Well, I’m looking to branch out in the next few months with some more colourful palettes… but for now I’m happy experimenting with what I have and trying to come up with some different looks using what I have!

Today, I busted out the Naked 2. For some reason, I haven’t been using this one as much as the Naked or Naked 3 lately. I know some other people say it’s their least favourite of the 3 palettes, probably because it’s mostly cooler colours. For me, I feel like it has more darker shadows, and more silvery shimmery shadows that I wouldn’t wear to work… which is why I don’t use it as much.

Here’s what I came up with today.

I used:

  • Mac Constructivist paint potUD
  • Naked 2: Busted (lid), YDK (inner corner, under eye), Chopper (transition colour), Foxy (highlight), Blackout (outer corner).
  • Mac Blacktrack liner
  • NYC mascara received from Influenster

Let’s pretend the foundation on my forehead is not looking streaky and horrible! I promise I didn’t go out like that! I was just playing around and slapped some foundation on to take pictures. Too rushed, obviously!



Hmm, I think I need some bright colours to change up my regular neutral eye look! I’m waiting on an order from Bare Minerals, so once they arrive I’ll be mixing some of those colours in with my Naked palettes for sure!


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