Model’s Own – Aqua Violet

This is another polish I picked up at Boots when I was in London this past summer. I only picked up 5 Model’s Own polishes, but luckily I can also grab them online at, so I’m sure I’ll be finishing out this Beetlejuice collection at some point.

Aqua Violet perfectly describes this polish… it’s a duochrome that shifts between aqua and violet. Seems obvious where the name came from, eh? It is a bit sheer, so I used 3 coats with a topcoat. I bet this would look stunning over a black base as well. The formula is lovely, and the bottles are a good size (14mL), so when they are in stock I will happily pick up a few more.





Check out my swatches of another Models Own from the Beetlejuice collection here: Hayley’s Comet.


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