Essie – Tour de Finance

This is a happy and sad post. Happy because I love this colour, and the combo with the Hard Candy polish is right up my alley. 

Sad, because the day after I took these pictures I went to work with bare nails. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next…

If you guessed this, then you win the prize…. sigh.


Now all my nails are chopped down back to nubbins. Lesson learned. Winter has been very drying to my nails and I haven’t been using my nail oil enough!! That combined with bare nails was a huge mistake. So my upcoming mani pictures will be featuring my new short nails.

Let’s enjoy the length of what I used to have…

Tour de Finance is a bright pink with a bit of shimmer. Total Barbie polish. I used two coats with topcoat. The formula was a bit thin, but working slowly it was fine. I just don’t understand the name… Tour de Finance? Is that where I bike around the country-side looking for banks? Or is it when I look through my nail polish stash and realize how much moola is sitting there? Who knows. Anyway, on to the beauties!


Some tipwear showing since I took these pictures after a day of wear.


After a day, I wanted a bit of a change so I added one coat of Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional. You might remember that I received some Hard Candy polishes from my Mom after she won them in a contest! Thanks, Mom!


I love all the different kinds of black and white glitter! Almost like graffiti on my nails! Lovely.
ImageBye-bye long nails. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Essie – Tour de Finance

    • Oh, man! I don’t mind my shorter nails, but I just wish it was on my own terms! 😉

      I’m sure they’ll be back sooner than we think!

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