OPI – Eiffel for this Color

Remember last week how I tragically broke my nail? Well, they are all now chopped down to nubbins. That was a sad day! I’m just teasing (kind of), but it does suck when one nail breaks just when all of them are looking so good!

Lesson learned! More nail oil, less dry hands!!! I’ve been oiling like crazy since then. Winter is harsh on nails, yo.

The one thing I do like about nubbins is the way vampy polishes look on them. I think it just looks so classy and polished rocking dark manis on short nails. So, I busted out a vampy, of course!

OPI’s Eiffel for this Color is a deep, rich purple with a hint of purple shimmer that you can see under the right lighting or sun. In the shade, it looks dark – almost black but you can still tell that it’s not! I used two coats… and no topcoat.

Look at how shiny this polish is! Amazing.


See that beautiful shimmer? I love polishes like this. Perfect.


4 thoughts on “OPI – Eiffel for this Color

  1. I agree, your nails still look gorgeous and perfect and even ! Want to swap? I am trying to keep up with the cuticle oil as well. I agree though, love the dark and vampy on short nails, I wore black polish basically the entire time I was biting nails so obviously I knew what I was doing 😉 This is really pretty though, I think I prefer the first photo though without the shimmer.


    • Thanks, Zoë! I try to file them to match… my middle fingernail grows crooked, but it’s more noticeable as they get longer!

      I have a few OPIs that are the same family as this colour without the shimmer… Give Me Moor or Siberian Nights might be good options!

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