Chirality – Year One

This is my first (and only!) Chirality polish! I hadn’t actually heard about Chirality until a friend asked if someone could help her score the limited edition Year One polish because she was working during the launch. I volunteered to help, and decided to grab one for myself at the same time!

I’m glad she introduced me! The formula on this polish is really great… and it’s very pretty! I used three coats and topcoat. After one coat, I was worried that the polish was too sheer and would take endless coats, but it got pretty opaque after three.

There is some holo in here, but it was pretty subtle on my nails. You can see it better in a few of the bottle shots!

Please excuse the tipwear! I didn’t manage to get pictures until after a full day of wear… in a Kindergarten classroom, one day is like 5 normal days! 😉



See a bit more of the holo showing?


And the coolest part was they are all numbered… I got #65 out of 80! 🙂 ImageOverall, this was a great introduction to the brand, and I look forward to trying other polishes from Chirality in the future!


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