Rainbow Honey – Lumine Hall

Well, how about them Seahawks? Hahaha, just kidding, kind of. We watch the Superbowl every year, but I’m not a huge football person so I usually just go with my gut and pick a team I have a good ‘feeling’ about! Well, I liked the Seahawks this year!

Between the game and me trying to finish off my report cards and a few other projects, I didn’t get around to posting yesterday! I think we all survived though.

Today, I have Rainbow Honey’s Lumine Hall. The colour is beautiful, and I love the square glitter in it. But – BUT – the formula. Oh my goodness, it was sooo thick and goopy. I put in a fair amount of Seche Restore thinner, and it was still thicker than I like, but at least it was workable. I used two coats to get even coverage… but then the polish was so thick on my nails that it was chipping less than 24 hours later. I am going to keep trying with it. I might need to empty some polish out to make room for more Seche Restore in the bottle. Too bad, because the polish really is beautiful!!


And a shade shot:


Aren’t those square glitters pretty? It wasn’t even that difficult to remove, which is always a plus for glitters. I just wish that it wasn’t so thick and goopy!


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