Saturday Savings – L’Oreal The Holographic

Are any of you as excited about the Olympics as I am? Canada already has one of each medal, which is an awesome start! It may be why my post is coming later in the afternoon today 😉

Continuing with my Saturday Savings series, I have a topcoat from L’Oreal today. They recently released a line called The Magic Top Coats, and this one is called The Holographic. It’s not holographic like us nail polish addicts know holographics to be… but it’s definitely amazing. It has flakey glitters in a clear base, and the glitters are duochrome teal and blue. So gorgeous.

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Black Out for the base – a really good black creme polish with no issues. I used one coat of The Holographic. The polish is slightly chunky – you can see it in the pictures. You can fix this with a good topcoat though. What I did was press the brush onto my nail instead of swiping it like normal… this helped the glitter not to clump up or wipe right off the nail. I totally forgive it though, because the glitter looks like it’s glowing on your nails!



L’Oreal polishes are available in most drugstores. I got mine on sale for about $5. I think this was the most interesting of all the Magic Top Coat polishes. Happy Weekend!


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