Models Own – Dinky Pinky

Here’s a cute polish set my Sister-in-Law sent me from England. Inside the kit is a full-size nail polish called Dinky Pinky, a 4-way buffer, and 2 glitter pots… one silver, and one gold.


I don’t use buffers often because they weaken your nails, but from time to time I use one to smooth out nail glue if I have a tear, or if a nail splits or peels… so it is handy to have one around.

The two glitter pots contain loose glitter. I used two coats of Dinky Pinky with topcoat. Then, while the topcoat was still wet, I dipped my finger into the glitter. Warning: this is very messy, so do it over a bowl, paper, or somewhere easy to clean!

ImageThe glitter is super gritty, so I used 2 coats of topcoat to help even it out. If you’re counting… that’s 1 coat of basecoat, 2 of polish, 1 of topcoat, a layer of glitter, and 2 more coats of topcoat! It was so thick! The polish itself is really nice, so I will definitely use that again! Maybe with a glitter topcoat instead!

ImageYou can see a bit on my pinky where I smudged it when it was still wet, but it wasn’t that bad in person! 🙂


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