Saturday Savings – Wet n Wild – I Need a Refresh-Mint

This is the first time I’ve featured a Wet n’ Wild polish! In fact, I only own a handful of them, but this one is a pretty colour so I busted it out today. 

I Need a Refresh-Mint is not minty in the way I usually think… of a nice, fresh, minty green! This one definitely leans blue, but is pretty nonetheless. 

I used 3 coats to even it out, because I did have some issues with patchiness. I think it’s mostly caused by the awful brush! The brush is SO fat, cut on a curve on the end, and the bristles themselves are very thick. For me, it doesn’t work well at all. I did my best to even it out, but there are so many dupes of a colour like this, I would go for one with a better brush. 

Here’s the brush on it’s own: 
ImageAnd compared to OPI (middle) and Essie (right): 

ImageI know people who dislike OPI’s brush for being huge…. I can’t imagine what they would say about this one! 

Anyway, onto the swatches…



What do you think of this huge brush? Will you use it anyway? 


4 thoughts on “Saturday Savings – Wet n Wild – I Need a Refresh-Mint

  1. That’s so funny because I really like these brushes! I have the exact polish you’re showing as well as a few others and I love them. I have very skinny nail beds/nails, so one swipe covers my whole nail perfectly! Last night I was using my Nina Ultra Pro polish and I was thinking how the brush is just like the Sally Hansen and WnW ones! All in all, I love a wide, rounded brush!

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