Influenster Mystery Brand Revealed!

Remember two weeks ago when I received the Mystery Brand Voxbox from Influenster? If you don’t, you can catch up over here. 

I’ll wait…

All caught up? 

Excellent! This week, I came to find a huge box sitting waiting for me. The first clue was on the outside of the package: 
ImageAlright, we’re on the right track. Remember, I guessed it was going to be Garnier’s Damage Repair line. When I opened it up, I was….. RIGHT! 

ImageHoly, wow! I can’t believe Garnier generously sent out all these full-sized products for us to test! Let’s take a closer look. 

Shampoo/Conditioner… these I have been liking. My hair feels clean and manageable. I don’t wash my hair daily, and I felt like I could stretch an extra day in between washes. This helps a lot with damage control, since I won’t have to heat style as often! Plus, the smell. Oh, the smell. They smell amazing, like all Garnier products. 

Next, the split-end serum. It claims to reconstruct hair and prevent future split ends. I’ve only been testing these for two weeks, so I don’t think I can properly comment on the ability to prevent future split ends… and I think we all know that nothing (except scissors), can actually repair split ends, right? That being said, I used this as directed on towel-dried hair. It didn’t weigh my hair down like other styling products can, but it didn’t leave it as soft as other styling products can. For me, it’s right in the middle. It’s okay… I won’t go crazy for it, but wouldn’t be upset if I had something else. 



And finally, the Strength Reconstructing Butter. In my understanding, this is more like a deep-treatment/hair mask. I haven’t been able to test this out just yet, so I reserve judgement for later. 
ImageOverall, I’ve been happy with my hair this week, and I look forward to using these full-sized products now! 

I did hear from several people that it left their scalps extremely itchy… so if you have had this problem with other Garnier products, just be aware. My scalp felt fine and not itchy at all, so it’s definitely not everyone! 

Disclosure: I received these items from Influenster and Garnier for testing purposes. All my opinions are 100% my own! 



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