Enchanted Polish – December 2013

Did you know Enchanted polish is continuing the monthly polishes for 2014? This year is kind of fun, because each month is a mystery colour that you only find out once you receive it! The best part is that so far (for January and February), she is doing pre-orders for the monthly polishes – no more restock craziness!

Anyway, I digress slightly, since this is December 2013. This wasn’t a mystery colour but it was pre-order!

December 2013 is a coffee-coloured nude holo with a red flash! The formula and coverage is great, as always. This is two coats with topcoat. My middle finger nail is slowly growing back after I broke it two weeks ago, but you can still see the missing corner!

Lots of pictures to show the different sides of December 2013! Enjoy!








The next pre-order is on Sunday 🙂 Check enchantedpolish.com for the details!


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish – December 2013

  1. I love this colour, and will be pre-ordering on Sunday for the first time since it’s my Birthday month 😀 If I like it a lot (and budget allowing) I might carry on monthly.Also, I have no idea why but every time I come to your blog and scroll down, that little worm on the fish hook scared the crap out of me haha! x

    • Haha! I am also ordering tomorrow! 🙂 I wish she offered more than one at a time though, since shipping to Canada is another $8… but it’s nice to not have to fight and miss out on things!

      My little worm is cute, but he likes to pop up and scare ya! Hahaha.

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