February Empties!

Oh my goodness!! It’s the last day of February!! I can’t believe this year is zooming by so fast.

I have so many empties this month…. and would have had more if February was a longer month! I have so many products with only 1 or 2 more uses left. Bear in mind that nearly none of these items were actually started in February, they just ran out in February. 

So, without further ado, let’s see what I emptied this month! 


  • Soap & Glory Hand Food – I love this and have been carrying it in my purse for quite some time. It has a light but lovely scent, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands soft! I will definitely look to purchase this again… after I deplete some of the ridiculous amount of lotion I have. 
  • H2O Spa Sea Salt body wash – This was a really lovely, fresh-smelling body wash! I have no idea where you get these products (I got this in my BB5 subscription), but I would consider purchasing again if I ever stumbled upon it.
  • Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Tropical Mango – Another BB5 product, I actually received this many months ago and was keeping it in my desk at work. Once I cleaned out my desk for the summer it was packed away with other items! Oops! I love the scent of this, but it is a little greasy to use as a hand lotion. It takes a while to absorb, so I would repurchase but I would use it as a body butter out of the shower instead. 
  • Dot and Lil body butter in Lilac & Shea – I am in LOVE with this product. It smells like fresh cut lilacs. Not fake, perfume-y lilacs…but honest-to-goodness lilacs. The kind that grew in my parents yard when I was growing up. Oh, it’s also very moisturizing, and a small Canadian business too… So it’s all-around awesome. It’s thick though, so I used this out of the shower, before bed. I checked, and the Lilac scent is not on their site right now, but I’m hoping it comes back for summer!! Please?! 
  • Balaned Guru body balm – Yet another BB5 product. This was nice, and melted right into my skin… but did take quite some time to absorb as well. It smelled really fresh and lovely! Would consider purchasing again if the price was right! 


  • Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap in Warm Vanilla Sugar – If you have seen any of my previous empties posts, you’ll know this is a staple around here. I love this soap… and anything vanilla scented is fine by me! 
  • Secret Scent Expressions in Cocoa Butter Kiss – I like this antiperspirant. The scent was not overwhelming, but pleasant. I do prefer the clear ones though, but I have a small stockpile to go through first! 
  • Bath & Body Works pocketbacs antibacterial gel – I teach Kindergarten. Need you ask more? I go through these like crazy! I grab them when they are on sale and stock up! Love these pumpkin-scented ones! 
  • Delon polish remover – Yup… it’s from the Dollar Store. No shame in the game! It works just as well as the stuff from the drugstore, and I go through it like mad, so why not save a few bucks?! 
  • Aveeno Ultra-Calming makeup removing wipes – These were okay. They did the job, but they are kind of expensive and sometimes not as ‘wet’ as I’d like them to be! I don’t want to tug at my face when removing my makeup!! 



  • Body Shop body scrub in Mango (I think?) – The label fell off this long ago, so I’m guess it was Mango. It works well, but I was so ready for this to be done so I could try something new! Also – it makes the bottom of your tub really slippery! Beware! 
  • L’Oreal mystery brand shampoo and conditioner – I liked these and look forward to using my full-sized ones! You can read more about them here. Remember I received them from Influenster for testing 🙂 
  • Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer – This was okay… will it replace my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion? I doubt it! I’m not a huge fan of doe-foot applicators for eye primer, and ever since UD switched their package it’s hard for another brand to sway me!
  • Lola by Marc Jacobs – I actually have a mini bottle of this. It’s not my favourite scent, but it’s light and fresh and I use it often enough. Marc Jacobs describes it as “Sexy with a fun flirtatious wink, Lola is playfully alluring and irresistibly tempting. A warm floral bouquet with a signature note of luscious fuchsia peony.” 
  • Softlips in Vanilla – I finished a lip balm!? I don’t think I’ve ever done this before!!! Usually they disappear into the void before I can actually finish them. While this was nice, I won’t repurchase because I find it too thin for my lips… as in, the applicator is too thin and it’s just annoying to use. 
  • Bliss Kiss nail oil –  I cannot say enough about this product. It has completely changed my nails…. Do yourself a favour and get it!!! It makes my nails strong, and lets them grow long. Plus, it cares for my cuticles and keeps them in top shape. Plus, it comes in yummy scents! And, it’s made by a woman out of her own house – love supporting the small businesses! 

    Holy smokes!! What a lot of empties this month… phew! I want to say March won’t have as many, but there are so many things I have that are almost empty, so I’m guessing it’ll be another big month! 


2 thoughts on “February Empties!

  1. Great job with the empties! I love the hand food hand cream too, I’m working on finishing one up 🙂 amazing job finishing a lip balm!


    • Now the scent of the hand food reminds of England since I got it there! 🙂 I have two more lip balms that are closed to finished too! This has never happened before!

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