Enchanted Polish – The Youth

Ok, ok… time to get back in the swing of things!! I’ve been super sick (again), and it’s totally thrown off my will to paint my nails pretty colours. Hazards of the (teaching Kindergarten) job, I suppose! Well, I’m back on the mend and my nails are looking pretty today. 🙂

The Youth is a duochrome holo polish from Enchanted Polish. It shows mostly green, but in different indoor/shade lighting you can see the other colours come out. In the sun, it’s just holo, holo, holo. I used 2 coats here for full coverage, and topped with a topcoat. The formula is lovely, and I have no issues!

As always, lots of photos to see her in all her glory! Enjoy!






See the duochrome? It’s like a browny-purple depending on the light.


More of the purple-y side!

Well, there you have it! I have a few more posts already planned, so hopefully I won’t be gone so long again.


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