I’m back!

I’ve been on hiatus for about two weeks – things got busy at work… then my computer decided it didn’t want to let me upload my photos anymore. Apparently you can reach a limit for how many things you can store in the memory of a computer! Who knew?! 😉 

So, my job over the next few weeks is to go through all my old photos and delete duplicates, out-of-focus and just bad photos to free up some space. Sounds like a really fun job, right? You can see why I’ve been putting it off! 

Anyway, I’ve been getting a few really nice polishes in the mail lately through swaps and purchases, so I think I need to share them! 

Here’s Colors by Llarowe’s Black Gold, Texas Tea, with I Love Nail Polish’s Charmingly Purple as an accent. Both polishes have great formulas, and I used 3 coats with topcoat for each. This is my first CbL polish and I can see myself getting a bunch more. I got this as a gift from a sweet friend. 



I won’t wait two weeks before posting again! It’s almost the end of March – that means Empties are coming up! 


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