Eat Sleep Polish – Pretty Little Lilacs

Forgive me… I am still sorting out this memory issue on my computer. Basically, I have to go through all my pictures and delete, backup and sort through them! Doesn’t that sound fun? Not.

So, for today, I’ve commandeered my boyfriend’s computer in an attempt to catch up and post some pretty polishes!
Let’s start with a recent purchase – Pretty Little Lilacs by Eat Sleep Polish.

Pretty Little Lilacs actually started out as a custom – but by popular demand, Cat added it to her lineup and allowed us all to purchase it! Amazing!! It’s so pretty, I couldn’t wait to get my grubby little hands on it.

I used 2 coats here, with a topcoat. The formula is great, and I had no problem reaching full coverage with 2 coats. This lilac colour just screams spring to me… It also has a pink shimmer to it. On the website, Cat says it also has “ a slight blue shift in certain lighting,” but sadly I wasn’t able to capture that. No mind though, it’s beautiful anyway!




See the pink shimmer? So pretty. I have a bunch more polishes from ESP that I picked up from her – including a custom of my own that I can’t WAIT to share! Happy polishing!


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