OPI – My Current Crush

My Current Crush is a liquid sand polish that was released as part of a duo called The TXTure Effect, and came with an OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. A lovely lady I know was shopping and came across the set on clearance and offered to pick it up for me! I couldn’t pass them up – it was $9.99 for a polish and basecoat! Great price, and I really like liquid sand polishes… they are great polishes when you are in a rush, because they dry quickly. I also love that you can change them up by adding a topcoat (I use 2 coats), to make them smooth and glossy! It’s like two polishes in one.

So, I used two coats of My Current Crush… then added 2 coats of topcoat to show you how it looks shiny. Enjoy!





Do you like it better with or without topcoat? The great thing about liquid sands is that they wear so well – they last a long time without chips or tipwear! Perfect.


3 thoughts on “OPI – My Current Crush

  1. Ooh! This looks so pretty with and without topcoat – I like options! This might be the ideal polish for me as my nail colour always chips within a day or two.

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