Saturday Savings – Love & Beauty by Forever 21

Did you know Forever 21 has nail polish? I didn’t either, until recently when a friend sent me this polish. I guess it makes sense, though. I’ve seen polish, glosses and other little beauty impulse purchases popping up in all kinds of clothing stores! Love & Beauty retails for under $4, so it’s easy to grab one while waiting in line to cash out.

This colour is called Unique… but to me, it’s not that unique! I guess the polish-namers at F21 haven’t seen indie polishes! It has a slight red/orange duochrome with pink glitter. The formula is not horrible, but not the best either. It applied easily, but dried very gritty and dull, which is very surprising considering there isn’t that much glitter in it! I only expect glitterbombs to dry gritty.

Anyway, for under $4 it’s not a bad polish overall. But you will definitely need a topcoat. I use two coats of polish, and one of topcoat.


What do you think of Love & Beauty? I have to say, I probably won’t be hunting any of these down anytime soon, but I’ve heard they can go on big discount from time to time… so I might be tempted if I was in F21 and saw them marked down.


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