Enchanted Polish – Time to Pretend

I have a really exciting collection coming up in the next week, but for now… we must grin and bear the horrible tragedy of looking at Enchanted Polishes.

Okay, a little humour for your Monday. 😉 We all know that looking at Enchanteds is a treat! Here’s one of my favourites… a multichrome that is just packed with holo goodness. I can’t get enough! Time to Pretend has a good formula. I used 2 coats, with topcoat as usual. Lots of pictures (and awkward hand poses!) to show off all sides of it! Enjoy.








Oooh, isn’t that pretty. The last shot shows off a side of TTP that I didn’t even know about until driving home one day and the sun hit my nails just so. I was like ‘HOLD THE PHONE…. WHAT IS THAT!?’ So pretty. (And of course I wasn’t on the phone while driving… it’s an expression, people!)


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