Eat Sleep Polish – Fizzle & Pop Collection

Imagine my surprise and delight when Cat from Eat Sleep Polish announced she was creating a foil collection for Spring. Now, multiply that surprise and delight by tenfold when she told me that she was sending them to me to review! Yippee! Fizzle & Pop are all named after yummy sodas, and the colours really reflect the references!

Let me tell you, I am in LOVE with these polishes. The formula is super creamy, and they are pigmented. I feel like you can almost get away with one coat, but we all know you’ll do 2 coats anyway. Well… unless you’re me, and totally mess up the yellow polish because you’re rushing. In that case, you do 3 coats of yellow polish. Sigh.

But seriously, you only need 2 coats to get these polishes looking amazing. Also, the foil effect is super metallic looking in person – but is really difficult to pick up on camera. The part I love the most? For such foil-y, metallic-y polishes, there really are no brush strokes showing! Perfect. These are available on Eat Sleep Polish’s website, so definitely go check them out before they’re gone!

Let’s start with the pictures. I’m saving my favourite for last… so let’s start with It’s An Up Thing, a pretty yellow with holographic glitter scattered throughout.



Remember I messed up the yellow, so it’s actually 3 coats with topcoat. The rest of the polishes are just 2 coats of polish with topcoat.
Next up is Blowing Ginger Bubbles.

ImageAt first I thought these two were pretty similar, but it’s clear they are both completely different. Maybe my head needs a shake? Next up is the orange, Fantastica. When I went to Mexico in Grade 7, I remember having Fanta for the first time…. and oh, boy, did we drink a lot of Fanta on that trip. Yum.



The next three are my favourites. I thought pink and purple would be clear winners around here…. but I was actually surprised by the last one! Cream In My Soda is very pretty.


ImageCrush On You is also very pretty… a purple that really look spring-y and perfect for this time of year.


ImageMmmm. Don’t you want some grape soda right now? Sugar overload.
Finally, my favourite of the bunch… It’s So Fresca. I absolutely adore this one, and was surprised it beat out my usual pink or purple as my top of the collection!


ImageIt’s just so vivid and beautiful and amazing! All of the polishes were provided to me for testing purposes, but of course, my opinions are my own! πŸ™‚ Check out Eat Sleep Polish’s Facebook fanpage or her online shop to order them.

I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeves (and on our nails!) Happy polishing!


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