April Empties

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

Now that that nerdiness is out of the way, let’s get down to business. This month I didn’t have too many empties, since last month was a pretty high number. I’m already close to emptying a few things for May. I was hoping I’d be able to get through them by the end of April so I don’t have the packages hanging around all month, but what can ya do?

Let’s start with the bath and body stuff.

  • Pond’s Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes: I think I’ve had a package of these on every empties post. I love them. Very gentle and work well. The price is great, and I can often find them on sale. Would I buy them again? Already have!
  • H20 Sea Lotus Body wash: From H2O’s website: This exhilarating body wash refreshes and renews skin with Water Lotus Extract, Bamboo Extract, and essential vitamins for all day softness. Hints of aquatic florals and crisp sea grass impart a clean, fresh scent.” I liked the scent of this body wash. I agree that it was a very fresh, clean scent. Very refreshing. Would I buy it again? I have another sample to use, and I might buy it again if I found it on sale! 
  • Quo Nail Polish Remover: A staple around here. I go through this stuff like crazy. I find it works well but doesn’t leave my nails too dried out. Would I buy it again? Already have!
  • Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Salt scrub: I’ve had this sitting in my cupboard for a while… so while you can still purchase this product, they have repackaged it. I did like this, I found the scrub to be a pretty fine particle, but the scrub itself was almost like a lotion (versus an oily one like some products). Would I buy it again? Maybe. But I love other scrubs more – the Soap & Glory ones, plus one I’m using right now!

Now, the makeup/beauty empties!



  • Sephora Super Supreme body butter: This was soft and moisturizing. It wasn’t too thick or greasy, which I liked! It spread easily and absorbed pretty quickly. Would I buy it again? Probably not. While it was nice, there are better ones on the market. 
  • Tarte BB Amazonian Clay Illuminating moisturizer: To be honest, this is not really empty. It’s far too yellow-based for me to use. Even when I blended like crazy and used a powder over it, it didn’t work out for me. Would I buy it again? No!
  • Hanae Mori eau de toilette: Sephora says “Notes: Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, Vanilla, Chocolate.” I say, it smelled yummy! I love vanilla in my scents, but the Jasmine gave it a more unusual twist. Would I buy it again? No, I have too many perfumes. But I would wear it again if I got another sample! 
  • Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: I’ve heard amazing reviews about this product, so I was excited to try it out. I did find it worked well as a base for my shadows, stopping them from creasing and smudging. I am not a fan of the doe-foot applicator or packaging! I just feel like there is so much left in the tube that I can’t reach. Also, it wasn’t as creamy as UDPP or other bases I’ve used, so I didn’t find it blended around my eyelid as nicely. Would I buy it again? No, there are better options.
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: This is like a silkier version of Benefit’s Pore-Fessional. It has a slightly silicone-y feel to it, but much softer and more refined than other primers. Can you tell I loved it? I love this stuff. It’s great for my oily skin, but feels very light-weight and also has SPF. It’s so expensive though. Of course, there had to be a catch. Would I buy it again? Probably not, due to the pricetag… but I would happily USE it again, so please send me yours!

Not as many empties this month, but some good products and I can’t tell you how happy I am to clear out more of my stash! What did you empty in April?


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