Lilypad Lacquers – Vixens Wear Violet

Recently, Nail Polish Canada announced that they would be carrying Lilypad Lacquers. I decided it would be a good time to try out a few, since the price was reasonable and shipping was free. I was searching online, but had such a hard time finding swatches of a lot of the colours! Lilypad Lacquers is from Australia, so I’m happy there is now a Canadian outlet to get them at.

I decided to try for a pink and a purple (of course), so that even if I wasn’t completely blown away by the polishes I’d be happy having pink and purple. When I first opened the box they looked okay. I let them sit on my table for the whole afternoon before finally swatching a finger in each colour that evening. They looked, okay. Until I decided to shine a little flashlight on them, and WOW, they are gorgeous! In fact, I’m disappointed in myself that I only got two!

Today, let’s take a look at the purple – Vixens Wear Violet. I guess that makes me a vixen now, right? Perfect.

This is two coats plus topcoat. The formula is really great too. It’s super holo purpley goodness, packed with little microflakies that you can see when you’re not in direct sunlight. Lots of pictures to show it off!






ImageSo pretty! What are some must have Lilypads I need to add to my collection?


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