Lilypad Lacquer – I Just Think It’s Pink

The second Lilypad Lacquer I grabbed from Nail Polish Canada was this gem, I Just Think It’s Pink. When it first arrived, I of course made the mistake of judging it in my poorly-lit living room. I thought it was just another bubble gum pink holo polish (although, who can be mad at bubble gum pink holo?! Certainly not me). Well, it’s much more complex and unique and pretty than I originally thought!

Two coats with topcoat. The formula was great on this one as well. In Canada, you can get LPL on Nail Polish Canada’s website, where they retail for $15.25.




Do you see those flakies?! DO YOU SEE THEM!? Beauties. Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauties. I’m sad that this is the end of my Lilypad Lacquer collection! But I have a few comparison/dupe posts coming up featuring some other indie brands I’m loving, so hopefully that will take my mind off the lack of LPL! Happy polishing!



4 thoughts on “Lilypad Lacquer – I Just Think It’s Pink

    • I love the little flakes! I also love the bubblegumminess of it, but I’m better other polishes have a similar feeling in different colours.

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