Purple Holo Dupes?

Recently, I was staring at two polishes that were sitting on my coffee table (wait, what? Don’t you have a small collection of polishes on your coffee table? No? Well, then…. move along, move along).

Inside, in the horrible condo lighting, I thought I had bought myself near-identical dupes. Pretty pastel-y holo purples?! While I do adore a beautiful holo purple, do I really need the same thing twice? *ahem*

So, I decided it would be fun to do a dupe post to see how similar they are… or aren’t!

The two suspects are I Love Nail Polish’s Charmingly Purple, and Eat Sleep Polish’s Pretty Little Lilacs.

ImageOut in the sunlight, you can see they are slightly different already. But I’m sure you could imagine how identical they look indoors!
So, swatch time! I used two coats of each, with top coat. First shot has the ILNP bottle to compare.

ImageIndex and ring fingers are ILNP, middle and pinky are ESP. You can see the ILNP is a darker purple, and seems to have a bit more holo in it. Next up, with the ESP bottle.

ImageYou can really see the pink flash here in the ESP polish. Really pretty. Let’s do some macro shots to see that up close…
ImagePretty, right? Well, the ILNP also has a little secret hiding… blue microflakies! Check it out…. (shade shot, because it shows best).
ImageSo… my final, extremely scientific analysis says…. NOT DUPES! (Collective sigh of relief). Okay, the boyfriend may not buy it, but I totally am!

They both have great formulas, and are really pretty, so I’m quite happy to keep them both! What do you think? Dupes, or not?


6 thoughts on “Purple Holo Dupes?

  1. At present count, there are five bottles of polish, one bottle of top coat and a bottle of apricot oil on *my* coffee table. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s such a pretty purple, too, but don’t you find that all rainbow holos kind of come out looking sort of samey after a while? Samey good, don’t get me wrong, but…

    • Only five!? Eep! I’ve got you outdone many times over ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And anything holo makes me happy. I just love how it shines in the sun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ok seriously I need those polishes. I have never heard of the brand Eat. Sleep, Polish, so I will definitely be checking into that. And also Pretty little lilacs is the most charming name ever. Seriously I’m in love here.

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