OPI – DS Elegance

The sun was in full force this week, so I took the opportunity to bust out some of my older, much-loved holos. This OPI DS came out a few years ago, and I was lucky enough to happen upon it on clearance at a little hair salon! Awesome!

The formula on these old DS polishes is amazing… it’s all the chemical-goodness. They are so smooth and dry beautifully. 2 coats plus topcoat and I was good to go! The only thing that makes me nervous is how much I’ve used up, and how much it costs to replace this colour now… eek. Hope you enjoy!



I wish OPI would re-release some of these colours! They are just so gorgeous. Happy polishing!


4 thoughts on “OPI – DS Elegance

  1. This is a beautiful swatch! You just convinced me to finally open my box of this & try it. I hate using these because I’m so scared I’ll run out. Silly!

    • I am too! My fill line on this is already half-way through the OPI label… they also have bad evaporation because of all the chemicals, so it’s lower than what I’ve actually used.

      You’ll love it!

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