Enchanted Polish – Hello New York

Ok, I admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hello New York when I first saw it… but I did grab it in a recent restock just to finish out my Big City Lights collection. One of the main colours in HNY is yellow, which we all know is not really up there on my list of favourite colours. Okay, it doesn’t register on that list.

Buuuuut, HNY is a multi-chrome glitter topper… which also changes to blue, green and teal. It’s really pretty from certain angles, and it’s almost convinced me it’s a star. I mean, it will never dethrone Ciao Milano, but at least it won’t be the ugly step-sister anymore! To up the sparkle factor, I used one coat of HNY over Black Gold, Texas Tea by Colors by Llarowe. See the full post on that here.

Without further ado, picture spam-a-rama!





So there it is? What do you think? Is Hello New York calling your name? I’m glad I gave it a chance! Happy Polishing!


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