Don’t Get Duped! Minty Holos.

ImageToday I want to compare 3 similar polishes I have in my collection. Just like last time, I was staring at an Eat.Sleep.Polish. bottle and an I Love Nail Polish bottle that were sitting on my table. They looked so similar, I just had to do a dupe post about them! Let’s start with just those two. Check out my original swatches and review of A La Menthe (ESP).

Two coats of each with topcoat. Index and ring fingers are A La Menthe (ESP), and middle and pinky are Music Box (ILNP).


With the ESP bottle.

As you can see immediately, the ESP is much mintier and the ILNP leans much bluer… even though when I first reviewed the ESP I said it was slightly blue on me. Not when compared to this one!

ImageWith the ILNP bottle.

Now, let’s check out the special things that make each different. The ESP has a gold flash that shows well in the sun…

ImageWhile the ILNP has blue flecks that show best in the shade…


Verdict? Not dupes! So, I decided to add another of my minty holos into the mix… A Little Fishy Told Me by Enchanted Polish. In the bottle, it was closest to the ILNP, so I compared just the two of them first. Fishy is on index and ring fingers, Music Box still on middle and pinky. Still 2 coats of each with topcoat!

ImageFishy is much paler and softer compared to Music Box. ImageHmm… Fishy does have similar blue flecks to Music Box though! Let’s see all three side by side!

ImageFishy, Music Box, A La Menthe.

ImageMy conclusion is that none of these are dupes… and therefore I’m completely justified in having all three minty holos in my collection! I would have loved to add in Enchanted Polish July 2013 or Colors by Llarowe’s Mojito, but sadly I don’t own either of those. I think they would match nicely with this little set! Do you own any of these polishes? Which one is your favourite? … I can’t pick either! 😉

Happy Polishing!


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