Eat. Sleep. Polish. – Wisdom

Did you know that Eat. Sleep. Polish. releases a limited edition polish each month? These monthly colours are based on gemstones and make up the Gemstone Spellbook collection. The bad news is that they are only around for a month… The good news is that they are gorgeous! I’m hoping that by painting my nails with Wisdom, I will gain the wisdom to stop waiting on purchasing these! I have already missed out on a few. Darn second-guessing myself… and that pesky thing called a ‘budget’.

Wisdom is the polish for May (meaning you still have a week or so left to get this for yourself!), and it’s based on emeralds. Cat says “Emerald, the colour of May is said to carry many mystical properties. This magical stone is said to guide one with seeing the future and garners its bearer with wisdom. ” Check out Wisdom here.

Well, I think we could all use a little wisdom in our lives, no?

ImageI used three coats of this, with topcoat. The formula was perfect for me, as I prefer my polishes just a little on the thinner side. It means I did 3 coats but I had no issues working with it! The holo really knocks it out of the park for me. Confession (Cat, avert your eyes if you are reading this)… I’m not big on green polishes!!! But I thought I’d risk it with this one… and I’m glad I did! Aside from the megawatt holo, it also has a tiny bit of blue-green sparkle in it that make it really beautiful.

ImageImageI may be convinced to wear this green for more than one day 😉 Do I look any wiser? Happy polishing!


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