Enchanted Polish – Purple Roses

When I first got this polish, I swatched it once and then put it in the back of my Enchanted drawer and left it alone! For months. Then, while looking at pictures of polishes online I noticed someone talking about the holo in Purple Roses. Huh? I thought, What holo in Purple Roses? 

So of course, I had to pull it out again and swatch it to see for myself. Duh! There is holo in there. It’s a gorgeous light purple shimmery holo that looks metallic/foil-y. So, what did we all learn? Don’t judge a polish by the indoor swatch. Jeez. You’d think I’d know that by now!

ImageI used 3 coats because it was a bit sheer. I also used a topcoat as usual. The formula was good and cleaned up easily considering how much glittery goodness is in there!




My only complaint is that I wish I had more purple Enchanted Polishes! ❤


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