Colors by Llarowe – Army of One

If you’re a fan of CbL polishes, you know that there was just the launch of the enormous (35 polishes!) summer collection. I did manage to behave myself, and stuck to my 3 polish limit on that pre-order. It’s really hard waiting on mail to come, so in the mean time, I’m holding myself over with some other great CbL polishes I have. I just received Army of One in a swap… and two more showed up in my mailbox today!

ImageArmy of One caught my eye as being different than the usual minty holos we see. I’m having this internal debate with myself… and trust me, when that happens there is no winner… see, it’s called Army of One, so you’d think it’d be an army green. To me, it’s more of a mossy green. But then I tell myself, “Self, camo is many shades of green… so technically army green can be more than one shade.” That’s when I start arguing back, and things go downhill from there. So, I’ve left that alone for now.

Army of One is a pretty green (what kind of green? You decide!) holo, with gold shimmer, which is easily visible while wearing it! I used 2 coats and topcoat here.


ImageImageSo how would you describe it? Moss? Army? Pea? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll just call it pretty.


6 thoughts on “Colors by Llarowe – Army of One

  1. You’re making me want this colour but I don’t think I really need it. I have Path Less Taken by Emily de Molly and it’s close enough for me. I know it’s not a dupe but they’re both on the lighter side of the mid-toned green linear holos.

    • It’s really pretty… but I kind of do wish it was more of the ‘army green’ I pictured. A bit darker and more khaki/muddy, if that makes sense!

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