Birthday Week – My Newest Polish

Earlier this week I shared my oldest polish with you. Today, it’s time to crack open my newest polish!

Saint George is a deep teal with a splash of holo running throughout. The holo is subtle, not an in-your-face-flash, even in the sunlight. The teal base is gorgeous though… and this is only one coat with topcoat. Amazing pigmentation and coverage. The formula was easy to work with too! I’ve only ever tried one other A England, but they seem great.


I received this for free from, through their amazing points program. Everytime you make a purchase, you earn points which you can later redeem for a free polish, or other nail care products. Check out their rewards catalogue here.

I had enough points to take my pick of the rewards, so I opted for A England’s Saint George. I waited for a time when I needed to buy something else (I got some thinner), so that way it would ship free. If you order a reward without a purchase, you’ll have to pay shipping. To claim a reward, you submit the form in the catalogue and they will email you a code to put in at checkout. Plan ahead, because it does take up to 12 hours to receive the code.

Image Overall, I’m really loving this polish’s colour, finish and formula. But most of all I loved the price 😉 What’s your newest polish?


4 thoughts on “Birthday Week – My Newest Polish

  1. I recently got two glitter polishes from a very cheap store. They were 1.29 euro each so I knew I couldn’t have any regrets, and they’re great!

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