Enchanted Polish – Stay Classy, San Diego

I’m going out tonight with my Mom so I thought it would be fun to match my nails to my dress. The dress I want to wear has different coloured orange/coral/pink stripes, so I thought Stay Classy San Diego would be a good match.

Confession: I have never loved SCSD the way some people seem to go ga-ga over it. Sorry! 

It is pretty though. A pinky-red with a bit of holo. I wish the holo was stronger on this… then I might love it more. I used two coats and topcoat… and a cute little bow vinyl from Eat Sleep Polish (I’m obsessed with these vinyls right now).

The formula is really creamy and nice.



What are your feelings on SCSD? Are you iffy like me, or are you a big-time fan?


2 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish – Stay Classy, San Diego

  1. I was in love with Stay Classy before I got it. I was sooooo excited to recieve it and fell out of love with it quickly. I expected it yo be morr of a red red than a pinky red based on swatches Ive seen. Months later I trief it again and loved it again. Shes a beaty.

    Great pics! ♡

    • I keep trying but it’s more like than love for me! It is pretty but it just doesn’t live up to the hype for me.

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