Pink and Purple skittles!

Do you love skittle manis? I used to not be such a fan of them, but lately I’ve been wearing accent nails a lot. Well, one accent nail became two, and now I’m just having fun with mixing and matching. For this combo, I used 3 polishes and dolphin nail vinyls. I think by sticking with 3 polishes it works out looking cohesive and intentional, which I like. But I have been known to wear total skittles occasionally too!


For today’s mani, I started out by grabbing China Glaze’s Purple Panic. I noticed that my Eat Sleep Polish Designer Drums glitter topper looked really nice with it… and then to sort of tie them together, I grabbed Eat Sleep Polish’s Radiance (an extremely LE polish she released a while back).

I used two coats of Purple Panic and Radiance as my bases. Then, on my middle and index finger added one coat of Designer Drums. Remember that Designer Drums has a tangerine-tinted base, so it does slightly alter the colours I put it over.


I finished off with adding the dolphin vinyls on my ring finger. I know I’ve been wearing vinyls so much, but they are so cute, and so easy. I got them here.



The formula on all the polishes was great. Since Purple Panic is a neon, it dried matte but was shiny again with topcoat. All my nails got a good coat of topcoat.


Don’t forget, there’s only one week left to enter my giveaway to win your own special Elvis vinyls and Elvis Is My Homeboy polish! Check out the giveaway here. Good luck!


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