MAC – Kelly Yum Yum

Okay, I feel slightly bad as this lipstick sold out pretty much the day it was released… but it’s so pretty I really want to share it with you! If you haven’t seen it yet, the Kelly Osbourne side of the Osbourne collection came in pretty purple packaging with Kelly’s signature in red.

kelly yum yum collage

Kelly Yum Yum applies pretty smoothly for me. It did tend to hang on to any dry spots on my lips, so make sure to moisturize well. Using a good lip liner prior to applying the lipstick helped this a lot.   kelly yum yum swatch

Hah. I love how pale my wrist is compared to my face!! And trust me… my face is pale.

I don’t have the original Candy Yum Yum to compare, but from what I’ve heard KYY is a little easier to wear because of the slight blue undertones! Did you get anything from the Osbourne collection? I’m really excited for a few upcoming MAC collections this fall…


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