BlackLace Cosmetics – Hermes

This is definitely one of my favourite polishes I’ve received from anywhere in the past month or two. I’m sure happy that BlackLace Cosmetics chose to send me a package of her polishes to swatch.

Next up from BLC is Hermes… a beautiful pearly white with a splash of holo for good measure. I used 3 coats for best coverage, and finished with topcoat as usual. This was the only polish in the collection that I found to be just a smidge thick for my liking. That tends to happen with polishes that are packed with shimmer and glass-fleck looking particles. No matter, I added a few drops of polish thinner (I have one from Poshe). We all have our preference for polish viscosity, and I prefer mine on the thin side!

Any how, the polish is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!





Look closely and you can see the pearly qualities it has… different shades of pink and blue shimmers, with the holo sparkles throughout! Delicious. Remember, you can pick up this and the rest of BlackLace Cosmetic’s polishes on her Storenvy… and you can visit her on Facebook and say hi! Happy Sunday!


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